About us

Mark Clements has over 25 years experience in Wheel Building, learning the specialist skills from the age of 14.  Mark trained as an apprentice under a Master Wheel Builder.  Mark has also worked for one of the largest Wheel Building Companies within Europe. The knowledge and understanding acquired through the experience of building and truing spoke wheels, and restoring vintage and racing wheels enables Mark to offer an in-depth service to the customer.
Work has been carried out for private individuals comprising of enthusiasts, professional and amateur competition riders, along with various Museums including The British Motorcycle Museum.  Wheel Building has been undertaken for British Champions of Super Moto and Track Racing.
Wheels have been built for many different vehicles; from the earliest motorcyles, cars and aeroplanes, through to the modern wheels of today.
Many wheels have been custom built to a company's or an individual's specification.  As an example, in the early 1980's car rims were adapted to fit  Moto Guzzi road-going sidecar outfits.  Citroen 2CV car rims were used to house the spoked hubs on both the front and rear wheels.  (This was also carried out for other manufacturers, including Honda and Yamaha). Fitting car tyres onto the rims as oppose to using motorcycle tyres increased the life of the tyre from approximately 5000 miles for a motorcycle tyre to in excess of 25000 miles for car tyres.   When 15" alloy rims became available, they superseded the 2CV rims.
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Please click on the Newspaper article below dating from 1983, featuring Mark Clements as a 16 year old on a Government sponsored Youth Opportunities Programme with Derek Yorke.